What is Tetra Pay (TPAY) ?

Tetra Pay is a block chain based marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to carry out operations involving digital goods and assets with crypto currency transactions. The unique advantage here is an automatic matching of users, basing on straight AI approach It is a first ever artificial intelligence marketplace in the world, combining traditional and smart contract, block chain, future oriented ideas of connecting people and performing operations by analyzing users preferences.

TPAY Token is an ecosystem utility token initiative that features to swap your token through Ethereun, Binance Smart Chain, Binance Chain, Tron, and any other preferable blockchain. and NFTs MarketPlace, allowing users to buy, sell and even create NFTs. We've also set up an exchange for swaps where users can exchange their coins to other cryptocurrencies, and we'll launch the new project on swap exchange. We will also develop a social platform that will offer detailed analysis on a new crypto project, and users can communicate with the crypto community on a single platform. our aim to protect crypto investors from rugged projects and provide detailed analysis as per their preferences.

What is Multi Chain ?


The DeFi Pulse analytical resource. This is an absolute record, and this value has increased since September twice. It is obvious that DeFi has now become one of the fastest growing and most relevant trends in the world of cryptocurrencies. By September, the amount of assets blocked in DeFi protocols exceeded $7 billion, according to the DeFi Pulse analytical resource. This is an absolute record, while since June the figure has increased seven times. It is obvious that DeFi has now become one of the fastest growing and most actual trends in the world of cryptocurrency. At present, the development of DeFi products is limited by the infrastructure of Ethereum blockchain and cross-chain issues. To solve the problem of total dependence on the native blockchain, TPAY. finance is developing a cross-chain solution for DeFi. The basis of the TPAY project is a protocol for exchanging and receiving revenue while providing liquidity and business services. TPAY organizes DeFi services to enable a project to create, manage and trade tokens in a decentralized manner in one place and to ensure cross-chain compatibility.



One International Marketplace that combines online store and services around the world. Buy any goods or services with our tokens.

TPAY Token Wallet

A multi chain TPAY Wallet where you can store your crypto asstes (ERC20, BEP20 and much more)

DAPP and Swap Exchange

User friendly DApp and Swap exchange for invest in good project.

NFT MarketPlace

Users can create, Buy and Sell their NFTs on the marketplace.


Tetra Pay Features


What are the Benefits of TPAY Token Holders?

Expanding the audience and releasing new products leads new users and increases trust, which leads to increased demand for a token.

Guarantee of all payments thanks to protection on the blockchain technology.

Earned tokens can be used on different platforms and pay for all sorts of goods.

Use the exchange for an interest-free exchange of TPAY tokens for any other crypto currency.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

  • Tokens alLocate for Public Sale60%
  • Ecosystem Development7%
  • Board Advisors4%
  • Team and Founders15% (2 Year lockup)
  • Marketing and Bounty6%
  • Reserve Fund8%
Token Name

Tetra Pay

Token Symbol




Total Supply

1,000,000,000 TPAY

Circulating Supply

600,000,000 TPAY

Payment Accepted




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